• Bruneau works extensively on the topic of Intelligence Fusion Center. Bruneau’s expertise includes the potential use of fusion centers in combatting street gangs in Central America.

  • The GAP team has developed unique measures of the effectiveness of public policies and programs.  Bruneau led a team that did the first – ever empirical assessment of the impact of the International Military Education and Training (IMET) program. Hespe created and implemented assessment tools to evaluate the impact of rule of law programs in the “stans” and the Middle East. And, Springborg, assessed the impact of economic policies in the Middle East.

  • All members of the GAP team have dedicated much of their professional lives to assisting countries develop their security institutions. The institutions include not only ministries of defense, legislatures, and supreme audit boards, but also civil society, including the media, non-governmental organizations, and think tanks.  Bue has worked extensively on the U.S, and, with the resources available to her as Deputy Assistant of State in the Bureau of Political – Military Affairs, has assisted countries throughout the world. Bruneau and Goetze have primarily focused on Latin America and Southeast Asia. Frank Hespe, as head of the American Bar Association project on The Rule of Law, worked for four years in Kazakhstan and the other four “stans”. Robert Springborg have worked mainly in the Middle East, and Misha Tsypkin in Russia.
  • Global Academic Professionals
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    • Program Management and Oversight of Research, Editing, and Distance Learning.” “Most members of the GAP team, and particularly Bruneau, Hespe, Lewis and Springborg have extensive experience in research, writing, editing, and education via distance learning (DL) vehicles.
    • Professionals at GAP combine academic and professional experience in these seven areas. GAP participates in contracts as both a prime and a sub contractor.

    • Democratic Security Institutions
      • In their work Bruneau and Springborg have researched, and written, extensively on all aspects of democratic, and not so democratic, security institutions in the U.S.; Western and Eastern Europe; the Middle East; Africa; and Latin America.
    • Security Institution Building
      • Civilian Oversight of Security Institutions. A key theme in the work of Bruneau and Hespe in particular has been to assist established, including the U.S., as well as new democracies create the institutions and professional capacities to oversee the security institutions, which include intelligence agencies.  They have provided both academic and professional support and on –hands assistance to governments on four continents as they seek to control the security institutions they require to deal with contemporary threats.
    • Out Sourcing of Government Functions
      • All member of the GAP team have worked in a professional capacity in out- sourcing some aspect of government functions in the security field throughout the world.  Bruneau is currently engaged in research, writing, and teaching about the general areas of out sourcing in national security and defense.

    • Impact Assessments of Public Policies and Programs
    • Security Threats
      • As all members of the GAP team have worked in one or more agencies of the U.S. Government, and primarily in the Department of Defense and in the intelligence services, they have always been professionally involved in identifying and assessing security threats. All GAP experts have worked on combatting weapons of mass destruction as well as more localized security threats including street gangs and regional terrorist threats.

    • Intelligence Fusion Centers
    • Education and Training of Foreign Area Officers
      • Virtually all members of the GAP team have extensive expertise in organizing and delivering specialized programs for junior and senior officers designated as Foreign Area Officers (FAOs). Drawing on their deep regional expertise, they provide this education and training in the U.S. and abroad.

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